We are photographers based in Bandung - West Java, Indonesia.
We love telling stories! and we know that your story is dying to be told. Your life, your family, your love, and your wedding day is one of the most beautiful stories to be told. You better believe that we would love to tell it for you creatively, artistically, and true to who you are.

HIEROS (ἱερός) is Greek for ”sacred, sanctified”.“ That's how we see it on every wedding ceremony. It takes several ceremonial before the day in our culture. Engagement, recitation to God - whoever you believes in - every step are sacred.
Tomorrow's Memories, Today."As you started to have kids your hair started to grey, and the wrinkle shown everywhere. maybe you will have the bad time, good time, no body knows. but here, let us help to memorize once again. that back then, there was the time when both of you so madly in love, that both of you will conquer the world.Let us help you to remember all the good time."
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Wedding photographers based in Bandung, Jl. Senam VI No. 14A - Arcamanik, Bandung.
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